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Is Internet Marketing getting harder?
04.11.2013 17:20

Is Internet Marketing getting harder?


I don't think so.


In this point in time the internet has became ubiquitous as television.

People are increasingly using it everyday & the growth doesn't seem to be slowing

down anytime soon.  I predict that by 2020, more than half of the population in

the U.S. will use the internet frequently. Mobile access will grow along that trend

too which is why sites that are optimized for moblie use will be big winners.  


The fate of the PC seems grim. :(


Especially since mobile technology seems to get stronger

with each succeeding version coming out every few  years or so.


How do this relate to Internet Marketing?


Well once you learn the trends associated with internet use,

you can accurately scale up your IM* efforts. The way SEO* have

worked has changed. Google seems to be getting more accurate in getting

the relevancy of a website's content to match the query of a individuals

search engins's request.


Used to be that in the tech-boom you could start a

website and get immediate hits with a not so bad PR (Page-Rank). IM* is easier than

ever now just for the simple fact that the information & the resources are available

at just clicks away. Everything you want to know from SEO*, to backlinking, to creating a

quality-content articles that will rank you high in PR*.


There has been a greater stress in Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, etc.


Now I'll be real to say that I'm an introvert and tried to avoid

using social media in my IM efforts.


But that isn't working. :P


The future of social marketing seems to be more golden and

it seems that the holy-grail of Internet Marketing will include social

marketing as well, so I'm going to have to get over myself and go along

with the flow.  :)


Over the last years, I have seen an monthly increase in the term

"Internet Marketing". I have used the Google Keyword Tool

(now Keyword Planner) and have seen this highly competitive

keyword get more popular & popular.


Will IM get easier for people?




From every part of the spectrum like  the noob that doesn't

know what PPC* is to the seasoned expert.


In conclusion, the Internet will become an important part of are

everyday lives as information will be distributed at lightning-fast speeds.

I expect that we will see more people accessing the internet from mobile

devices and a growing number of people getting interested Internet Marketing.


This is a good time to brand yourself as a leader in the Internet Marketing world.


Till next time, take care...   


 Abbreviations*: IM= Internet Marketing  PR= Page Rank   PPC= Pay Per Click   SEO= Search Engine Optimization






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